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~ The Bone Cutters, from Eraserhead Press, Sept. 1, 2019


Dory finds herself involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital where she gets stuck in NA meetings with scarred up drug addicts who get high off bone dust. When her scent tells them she’s never been “dusted”, Dory turns into a target for their next slice-n-dice bone dust high.

A novella: Horror, Psychological Thriller, Bizarro, Suspense

Published as part of Eraserhead Press’s New Bizarro Authors Series for 2019

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Also available for purchase at Longfellow Books and Quiet City Books, two Maine indie bookstores.

Short Fiction:

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~~”Doom Saloon” appears in After the Burn, a post-apocalyptic anthology with 11 authors writing in a shared universe.


In “Doom Saloon” you’ll meet Lucy, the owner of the Silver Blade Saloon, who discovers that trying to find her lost family members puts her chosen family, and her entire small town, in danger once the mysterious new arrivals traveling the tunnels under her barroom begin multiplying.

Published December 8, 2022, from Rogue Owl Press ( )

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After the Burn: Ard, Franklin, Carro, Joseph, Carro, Paul, Collins, Shane R., DeCamillis, Renee S., Gaither, Devin, Hoffman, Derek B., McKenna, Rebecca, Menzel, Karen Marie, Squires, Richard: 9798987340110: Books


~~”Can’t Get Any Worse”, Northern Freights: Lost, The Journal of The Horror Writers of Maine 2.5/Mud Season 2021


An artist whose creative ideas are getting stolen from his mind tries to convince his brother that depression is not the cause, but rather something ominous and uncanny is after him.

Published May 2021

Amazon Link: Northern Frights: The Journal of Horror Writers of Maine 2.5 / Mud Season 2021: lost: Horror Writers of Maine, Sylvia, Morgan, Pancoast, Judith, Steele, Brett, DeCamillis, Re Renee S., Price, David, Dearborn, GD, Cram Jr., Bob: 9798506672753: Books

A shroom-fueled rock star on a psychedelic midnight drive for inspiration finds he’s entered crazy-town after he picks up a hitchhiking carnie who refuses to get out of the car.

Screenshot_2020-02-04 Deadman's Tome The Conspiracy Issue

~“Sunshower Death”, Deadman’s Tome: The Conspiracy Issue


The mysterious death of rock legend Chris Cornell–Was his death by suicide or is something, or someone, much more sinister to blame?

Published June 1, 2018

   A horror/ghost story inspired by the suspicious death of rock legend Chris Cornell

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Screenshot_2020-02-04 Sirens Call Publications

~”The Unemployed Neighbor”, The Sirens Call, Issue #37, The Sixth Annual Women in Horror Month Edition, Feb. 2018


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The Unemployed Neighbor by Renee S DeCamillis - The Other Stories

 ~”The Unemployed Neighbor” & an interview, Jan. 17, 2018

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~”The Unemployed Neighbor”– January 2014, Stonecoast Lines


Screenshot_2020-02-04 HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IV (Volume 4) David E Cowen, Bruce Boston, Clay F Johnson, Stephanie M Wyt[...]

~”This Is Only the Beginning”– October 2017, HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IV


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~“Say Bye-Bye to Your Dreams and Hello to Your Nightmares: We Are Satan’s Puppets, Pawns in His Game.”  31, January 2017;

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~The Woman in Black, September 2012: “Ever feel like somebody is always watching you? Maybe there is; they’re just too elusive to be caught—or stopped.”

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