~ The Bone Cutters, from Eraserhead Press

A bizarro horror novella set for publication in 2019

More news on this coming soon.

Short Fiction:

~“Sunshower Death”, Deadman’s Tome: The Conspiracy Issue,

Published June   1, 2018

   A horror story inspired by the suspicious death of rock legend Chris Cornell


~”The Unemployed Neighbor”, The Sirens Call, Issue #37, The Sixth Annual Women in Horror Month Edition, Feb. 2018

 ~”The Unemployed Neighbor” &  an interview, Jan. 17, 2018

  ~”The Unemployed Neighbor”– January 2014, Stonecoast Lines


~”This Is Only the Beginning”– October 2017, HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IV


Horror Movie Reviews:

~“Say Bye-Bye to Your Dreams and Hello to Your Nightmares: We Are Satan’s Puppets, Pawns in His Game.”  31, January 2017;     

 ~”Supernatural Phenomenon or Psychological Disturbance? You Decide.” Oculus,  June 2014:

~”We’ve Been Waiting . . . We’ve Always Been Waiting:” The Lords of Salem, October 2013:

~The Devil’s Rejects, February 2013:

~The Woman in Black, September 2012: “Ever feel like somebody is always watching you? Maybe there is; they’re just too elusive to be caught—or stopped.”

~”Dark and Shadows: Fear of the Unknown:” The Haunting (1963); June, 2012:

~The Raven, May, 2012:

~Halloween II, Rob Zombie’s remake; April, 2012: