October 11th Reading Appearance

Quiet City BOoks Scary Stories for GrownUps

I am thrilled to announce that I am co-host and headliner for an upcoming Halloween reading event on Friday, October 11th from 6-8 PM (EST). Details from Quiet City Books below:

3rd Annual Grownup Halloween Storytime At Quiet City Books

Public Event

Happening At:

Quiet City Books

97 Lisbon St

Lewiston, Maine 04240


(207) 449-0538


Get Directions

Kids get all the storytelling fun–until now!

Join us for an evening of fun, scary, and haunting stories and poems tailored for grownup audiences (not X-rated, but adult language and themes are fair play). Light refreshments provided, BYOB. Teenagers are welcome with a parent or guardian present.

Headliner Renee S. DeCamillis Author will read from her newly released novella, The Bone Cutters. Copies will be available for purchase!

We’ll also hear from:
Deborah Eifert, poet
Josh Gauthier, fiction
Claire Guyton, fiction
Linda Scott, true ghost stories
…and more to be announced. Stay tuned!

The Bone Cutters–Get Your Copy Today

Screenshot_2019-09-07 The Bone Cutters

Released on September 1, 2019 as part of the New Bizarro Author Series for 2019 from Eraserhead Press ( https://eraserheadpress.com/ ), my debut book. The Bone Cutters is a book that doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre box: part horror, part psychological thriller, part supernatural, part weird/bizarro, & it weaves in bits of satire & humor throughout.

For all who are interested, The Bone Cutters can be purchased through Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Bone-Cutters-Renee-S-Decamillis/dp/1621052931), Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound ( https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781621052937 ) , Longfellow Books –in Portland, Main and online, and it will soon be available at Bull Moose ( https://www.bullmoose.com/ ) and Quiet City Books ( https://www.facebook.com/CourtneyQuietCity/ )–both in Maine and online.

To see what literary horror reviewers have had to say, visit the “Reviews & What-Not” page of this site.

“The Bone Cutters” is out now!

Today is release day for my debut book–The Bone Cutters. It’s a bizarro horror novella published through Eraserhead Press. It’s available on Amazon, Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, & Longfellow Books. Get your copy today.

What reviewers have to say:

“It’s actually refreshing to be able to enjoy a book so much that you were miffed when it was over. As [her] debut novella, it’s a fantastic beginning to what could prove to be a career to watch. I’m giving this a solid 4 out of 5 [stars]…Considering that I’ve never read anything which rated a 5, I think The Bone Cutters is doing just fine.”~~~Joe X. Young of Ginger Nuts of Horror

“I immediately fell in love with Dory, the writing style, the story…This is a terribly heart-wrenching story with a bit of a haunted house/ghost vibe where you’re also being chased by a bunch of crazy people who want to devour your bones. I didn’t want to put this book down.”~~~Miranda Crites of Kendall Reviews


Dory wakes up in the padded room of a psychiatric hospital with no recollection of how she wound up there. She soon finds out she’s been Blue-Papered—involuntarily committed. She gets sent to the wrong counseling group and discovers a whole new world of psychiatric patients she’d never known existed. At first she just thinks they’re cutters, all marked by similar scars, but then she finds out that those scars are from carving into their own bodies where they chisel and scrape their bones. What they’re after—bone dust. It’s highly coveted and sought after. When they find out Dory’s never been “dusted”, she becomes their target. After all, dust from a “freshie” is much more valuable than theirs. Frightened for her life, she desperately tries to prove to the psych. hospital staff that she’s not delusional about these particular patients wanting to cut her open and scrape her bones. The staff doesn’t believe her. They all think she’s crazy. She ends up on the run and fighting for her life, trying to avoid getting “dusted” by The Bone Cutters.

Like Girl, Interrupted and “The Yellow Wallpaper”, The Bone Cutters is one woman’s dark and surreal experience with a madness that is not necessarily her own.