Author Appearance, MVHBF Oct 15, 2022

I’m thrilled to announce I’m a guest author at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival!

This year will be my first year as an author vendor, selling and signing books, at this fun-filled event, since the pandemic cancelled the in-person event for the last two years in a row. I’m scheduled to do signings in the afternoon, 1:15-4:30, so come on by my table to buy books, get some cool swag, and just hang out.

There are going to be over 70 amazing authors selling and signing books and doing presentations at this year’s event, and I’m honored to be taking part.

Costumes are encouraged. Dress up and let’s have some great Halloween fun!

***Face masks are strongly encouraged, since we’re still not in the clear from this ongoing COVID pandemic. ***

Halloween Reading Event Now On YouTube

Halloween Spooky Stories Reading Event


The Halloween reading event I took part in is live on YouTube for your listening enjoyment.

It was such a fun event with some really great stories by amazing fellow Maine horror authors Emma J. Gibbon ( ), Josh Gauthier (, and Kathrine Silva ( I hope you all enjoy!


Reading Event Oct. 27, 2021

Get ready for Halloween with a spooky reading event.

My next reading event is coming right up on Wednesday, October 27th at 8 pm ET. I’ll be joining fellow Maine authors Josh Gauthier ( , Emma J. Gibbon ( and Kathrine Silva ( for readings that are sure to make you want to keep a light on when you go to bed. The event is free to the public and virtual, with a live stream on FB (, and it will later post to YouTube for those of you who can’t make it to the live event.

Comedy Show Appearance September 2021

October 15, 2021

I’m very behind with sharing my latest author appearance, over a month late to be exact. (Yeah, I really need to update my website more often.) So, here it is.

In early September 2021, I was the Visiting Professor on the improv comedy show Balderdash Academy ( , ) . The video version of the show is posted on YouTube in four different segments. The full podcast, Episode 201: Renee S. DeCamillis, Metal-edged Author, can be found on the Balderdash Academy website: .

Here are the YouTube Links:

Part 1: Ep 1, Pt 1: UFOs w/ Author Renee S. DeCamillis

Ep 1, Pt 1: UFOs w/ Author Renee S. DeCamillis – YouTube

Part 2: Ep1, Pt 2: Four Questions from the Grave w/ Renee S. DeCamillis

Ep1, Pt 2: Four Questions from the Grave w/ Renee S. DeCamillis – YouTube

Part 3: Ep1, Pt 3: Can a Fright Turn Your Hair White w/ Renee S. DeCamillis

Ep1, Pt 3: Can a Fright Turn Your Hair White w/ Renee S. DeCamillis – YouTube

Part 4: After Hours—Sex With Me with Renee S. DeCamillis:

Ep1 After Hours: Sex With Me with Renee S. DeCamillis – YouTube

My Next Reading Event, May 22, 2021 at 3PM

What are you all doing this Saturday? Come hang out with me for a little while! –My next reading event is this Saturday, May 22, at 3:00 pm through Local Writers Read. I’m reading a short dark fiction story dealing with the theme of Memory and Yesterday, followed by a short Q&A discussion. This is a live event, available on the Local Writers Read Facebook page, and it will later become available on YouTube. (I will share the YouTube link once it is available.) The event is organized in cooperation with Quiet City Books and is co-sponsored by the Lewiston Public Library. Click the event link below to find out more details.

(1) Local Writers Read – Memory and Yesterday | Facebook

Interview Blues, I mean News

The other day I had another author interview, but this one was different. It was actually live, where all the others lately have been written and editable. What this live interview taught me: This pandemic has made my conversational listening skills extremely inept. I’ve been replaying our conversation over and over in my head, and I realize that many of my answers didn’t fit the questions asked. It probably sounds like I was answering questions asked by a voice inside my head that no one else could hear. (No, this interviewer did not send me the questions in advance, nor did she mention the 10-question lightning round completely unrelated to writing.) And I can’t even count the number of times I said, “Um” and “I don’t know.” It’s both comical and pathetic. To top it all off, I’m supposed to promote this interview when it’s published. It is supposed to help promote my book, The Bone Cutters, and its sequel, Chisel the Bone, that I’m currently editing. All I can hope is that listeners won’t judge my written work by my spoken words. Yeah, get ready to laugh at inept me and my lack conversational skills. (I keep telling myself, “This was only practice.” Yeah…)

Yes, I’ll share the interview video link on my website once it’s published, so you all can have a good laugh.–

EDIT/UPDATE: Here’s the link: (1) Renee S. DeCamillis – Author Interview – YouTube

Okay, now I’m going to retreat back into my woodland hideaway and practice my conversational skills with the trees. Yeah, that will help.

Wicked Women Anthology

I’m a bit late with sharing this on here, but here it is. My story “Bad Trip Highway” appears in the newest anthology from NEHW Press–Wicked Women. This is a collection of women horror authors of New England, and I am very honored to have my work included.

“Bad Trip Highway” has been described as: “a brilliant idea…so much style…a captivating voice… reminiscent of Stephen Graham Jones…[with] Poe’s unity of effect”

Wicked Women was released on Thanksgiving 2020. You can grab your copy on Amazon: Wicked Women: An Anthology of the New England Horror Writers: Wooldridge, Trisha J., Yolen, Jane, Monahan, Hillary, Goudsward, Scott T., Hansen, Lynne: 9780998185446: Books

Reading Events October 2020

I am excited to announce I am taking part in four reading events during the week of Halloween, though only one of those is a free public event available online.

Free Online Public Reading Event:

*Friday, October 30th I am participating in the Lewiston/Auburn Artwalk event–Genre Spotlight for Horror–through Local Writers Read. I will read from my novella-in-progress–Chisel the Bone–which is the sequel to my debut novella, The Bone Cutters. I will be joined by friend and fellow local horror writer Emma Gibbon: . The readings will include a brief Q & A.

The event is free to the public and can be found on the L/A Arts Facebook page here:

Private Reading Events:

* Monday, October 26th & Thursday, October 29th I am honored to have the opportunity to read for the students of Edward Little High School of Auburn, Maine. I will read to them from my debut novella, The Bone Cutters, which will be followed by a Q & A. I hope that I am able to get the students excited to read more horror fiction, as well as inspire them to do some writing of their own.

* Sunday, October 25th, I am excited to be the Guest of Honor at a book club hosted by my first real fan, where the topic of discussion is my novella, The Bone Cutters. I will be joining readers from Texas, where I will take part in their book discussion, as well as answer any questions they may have for me. As a bonus, I am doing a reading for them from the sequel, Chisel the Bone.

This Halloween season is turning out to be a lot busier than I had anticipated, and I am absolutely thrilled to share my work with more and more people.

***Anyone interested in booking me for a reading event, reach out to me at***

Happy Halloween!

TOC for Wicked Women anthology #nehw  #ladiesonly  #newenglandhorrorwriters #promotehorror #horrorcommunity

I am wicked psyched to have my story “Bad Trip Highway” included in the stellar lineup of female horror authors in the forthcoming Wicked Women anthology. Congrats to all who are part of this fab project from the New England Horror Writers!

Wicked Women is an anthology forthcoming in 2020 that features work by women horror authors of the New England Horror Writers group.

Editors: Scott Goudsward  & David Price

Special Guest Editor: Trisha Wooldridge

Special Guest Authors: Jane Yolen & Hillary Monahan

The amazingly talented  Lynne Hansen of Lynne Hansen Art is creating the cover art.

Here’s the Wicked Women TOC:

Angi Shearstone – “The Stones of Grisbury”
Atlas Rourke – “Museum, With Dead Birds”
Christine Lajewski – “Child of Reason”
Elaine Pascale – “Milk Time”
Elizabeth Black – “The Fetch”
Gillian Daniels – “Her Eyes like Silver Dollars”
Jennifer Williams – “The Monsters We Become”
Kameryn James – “Flesh Harvest”
Kristi Petersen Schoonover – “Arbor Day”
Lindsay Moore – “The Hungry Man”
Lola Clemente – “Getaway”
Mary Robles – “Ristra” (poem)
Morgan Sylvia – “Silver Heart”
Patricia Gomes – “Tree Limbs Block the Road” (poem)
Renee S. DeCamillis – “Bad Trip Highway”
Roxanne Dent – “The Hungry Heart”
Sara Marks – “Does This Bring You Joy?”
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert – “Souls of the Wicked Like Crumbs in Her Hand”
Tracy L Carbone – “The Tale of Annette”
Victoria Dalpe – “Sunsets”
…with special guests…
Hillary Monahan – “Three Sisters Island”
Jane Yolen – “Tiger’s Husband” (poem)

#nehw #ladiesonly #newenglandhorrorwriters