New Gig: Podcast Co-Host with London Blue Presents


I’m excited to announce that I am now the co-host on the London Blue Presents Podcast.

(London Blue: )

Our first partnered event just came out on March 28, 2023, where we talk with guests Cheralyn Lambeth, costume and prop designer and puppet builder for The Jim Henson Company, and Kelly Farrah, prop master for TWD and Pirates of the Carribean and Gettysburg and The Last of the Mohicans, just to name a few.

“How could Max Headroom, pirates, puppets, Star Wars, Adams’ Family (New series Wednesday) – Thing, and [London Blue’s] personal heartthrobs such as Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, David Bowie, and even Sam Elliot tie into ONE conversation? The answer awaits you here!”