December 8, 2022

My short horror story, “Doom Saloon” appears in this post-apocalyptic anthology.

Synopsis: In “Doom Saloon” you’ll meet Lucy, the owner of the Silver Blade Saloon, who discovers that trying to find her lost family members puts her chosen family, and her entire small town, in danger once the mysterious new arrivals traveling the tunnels under her barroom begin multiplying.  

This book is a passion project that spanned the course of eight years, and it only started out as a writing exercise among friends. Seeing our dream turn into a reality has been extremely exciting. I am so happy to have had to chance to work on this project with so many amazing authors, poets, and fiction authors. Who knows, maybe there will be a volume two. Only time will tell.

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Rogue Owl Press:



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October 20, 2022

Thursday, October 20, 2022 — Virtual Reading Event

For my appearance, I read a short PG-rated excerpt from my novella The Bone Cutters. Here’s a picture from my reading. Yeah, that chipper smile of mine is me Method Acting as my Nurse Hatchet with her creepy Cheshire Cat grin.

Here’s the YouTube video of my reading:

Link: SWSW QuickRead Oct 20, 2022 – Renee S. DeCamillis.mp4 – YouTube

*The Strong Women Strange Worlds Quick Reads reading event is ongoing, happening two Thursday evenings and two Fridays at noon every month, showcasing an array of amazing women authors from various genres. If you haven’t heard of this yet, you should definitely check it out!


October 17, 2022

Update: Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival Update

Diabolus in Música: Dark Rhythm and Darker Fiction

So, this happened:

Not only was it my first time as a book vendor at this year’s Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival, but I was also a guest author on a panel discussion (for the first time ever) with Josh Malerman, Cynthia Pelayo, Victoria Dalpe, and Linda D. Addison as the moderator.

The night before the event when I had asked a friend and fellow participant what panels were taking place (I had never received an email notification for the panel schedule & details), I found out I was assigned as a panel participant. Hearing this put me on the verge of a panic attack, but only until I found out what the panel discussion was about–“Diabolus in Música: Dark Rhythm and Darker Fiction”. No problem–I can talk music and writing all day and night! The panel turned out to be a great success! I had a lot of fun!

I shared a vendor table with fellow horror author Michael Burke. Funny thing about that is Michael and I first met at the 2019 MVHBF when Tony Tremblay paired us–two complete strangers–together for a photo opp. Michael and I had a blast sharing a vendor table together, and we may or may not have eaten way too many sweet tarts. (Wait. I don’t think it’s possible to eat too many sweet tarts.)

And I had the opportunity to hangout with some of my Horror Writers of Maine and New England Horror Writer peeps. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures, but I sure did have a blast and sold some books! Always a fun time a MVHBF!


September 19, 2022

I’m thrilled to announce I’m a guest author at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival!

This year will be my first year as an author vendor, selling and signing books, at this fun-filled event, since the pandemic cancelled the in-person event for the last two years in a row. I’m scheduled to do signings in the afternoon, 1:15-4:30, so come on by my table to buy books, get some cool swag, and just hang out.

There are going to be over 70 amazing authors selling and signing books and doing presentations at this year’s event, and I’m honored to be taking part.

Costumes are encouraged. Dress up and let’s have some great Halloween fun!

***Face masks are strongly encouraged, since we’re still not in the clear from this ongoing COVID pandemic. ***


September 13, 2019: Quiet City BOoks Scary Stories for GrownUps

I am thrilled to announce that I am co-host and headliner for an upcoming Halloween reading event on Friday, October 11th from 6-8 PM (EST). Details from Quiet City Books below:

3rd Annual Grownup Halloween Storytime At Quiet City Books

Public Event

Happening At:

Quiet City Books

97 Lisbon St

Lewiston, Maine 04240


(207) 449-0538

Get Directions

Kids get all the storytelling fun–until now!

Join us for an evening of fun, scary, and haunting stories and poems tailored for grownup audiences (not X-rated, but adult language and themes are fair play). Light refreshments provided, BYOB. Teenagers are welcome with a parent or guardian present.

Headliner Renee S. DeCamillis Author will read from her newly released novella, The Bone Cutters. Copies will be available for purchase!

We’ll also hear from:
Deborah Eifert, poet
Josh Gauthier, fiction
Claire Guyton, fiction
Linda Scott, true ghost stories
…and more to be announced. Stay tuned!


September 12, 2019:

The Book Launch event for my debut book–The Bone Cutters–was a big success! It took place on Thursday, September 5th at Longfellow Books in Portland, Maine. There was live music, played by local guitarist Shaun Church Reehl, to set the mood, and Elizabeth Searle–novelist, short story author, and playwright–was my MC for the evening. My best friend, Arynne Jalbert catered the event, as well as dressed as the creepy-chipper Nurse Hatchet from my book. There was a good turnout for guests, and I sold all but three copies of my book. But most importantly, everyone in attendance commented on how engaging my reading was, and those who hadn’t yet read the book were eager to read it right away. One guest went online to say:

“Last night I went to Renee S. DeCamillis book launch. It was very exciting and I couldn’t be more happy for her!! The book is pretty damned good too! “The Bone Cutters” ISBN 978-1-62105-293-7
She read two chapters and I can’t wait to finish. A comment made last night that I totally agree with is that she should record it as an audiobook!! She had unique voices and dialects for each character. It was like being a kid again with a totally engaged teacher reading to you! I truly believe everyone in attendance would have sat there to hear the entire book read to us! Congratulations to you girl!! You rocked it last night!!!”

At the end of the day, it’s that sort of feedback that reassures me that I’m doing pretty well with my writing.

For all who are interested, The Bone Cutters can be purchased through Amazon ( ), Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound ( ) , Longfellow Books ( )–in Portland, Main and online , and it will soon be available at Bull Moose ( ) and Quiet City Books ( )–both in Maine and online.

Screenshot_2019-09-07 The Bone Cutters


June 5, 2019:

I’m excited to announce that I started working as an Editorial Intern last month for Crystal Lake Publishing (Crystal Lake Publishing , Crystal Lake, ), an award-winning publisher of books of Horror, Dark Fiction, SF&F, Suspense, and Thrillers.

I am also thrilled to announce that the book launch event for my debut book–The Bone Cutters–is set for Thursday, September 5 at 7 P.M. at Longfellow Books in Portland, Maine. Not only will I be doing a reading & signing, but there will also be live music to help set the mood, performed by the talented local guitarist Shaun Church Reehl. There will also be original artwork inspired by my book—created by Emily Strickland , tattoo artist at Leviathan Body Art  in Scarborough, Maine.  Elizabeth Searle –novelist, short story writer, and playwright– ( ) will also take part in the event as my MC/Introduction Queen.

The release date for The Bone Cutters, a bizarro horror novella published through Eraserhead Press, is September 1, 2019, though pre-orders have begun at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. Here is the link to reserve your copy today: . For those interested, you can check out the first book review by Miranda Crites on

Here is the book cover and brief synopsis for The Bone Cutters:

bonecutters front cover


Dory wakes up in the padded room of a psychiatric hospital with no recollection of how she wound up there. She soon finds out she’s been Blue-Papered—involuntarily committed. When she gets sent to the wrong counseling group, she discovers a whole new world of psychiatric patients she’d never known existed. At first she just thinks they’re cutters, all marked by similar scars, but then she finds out that those scars are from carving into their own bodies where they chisel and scrape their bones. What they’re after—bone dust. It’s highly coveted and sought after. When they find out she’s never been “dusted”, she becomes their target. After all, dust from a “freshie” is much more valuable than theirs. Frightened for her life, she desperately tries to prove to the psych. hospital staff that she’s not delusional about these particular patients. They don’t believe her. They all think she’s crazy. She ends up on the run and fighting for her life, trying to avoid getting “dusted” by The Bone Cutters.

Like Girl, Interrupted and “The Yellow Wallpaper”, The Bone Cutters is one woman’s dark and surreal experience with a madness that is not necessarily her own.


April 19, 2018:

Unavoidable cancellation of my participation in the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference–for the third time in a row

On March 18, I got some distressing news about my health. At first I thought, No problem. I can handle this. I’ll just take extra care while traveling. Take it slow & easy. I’ve got this. I’m strong and resilient. I can handle anything. Then on March 29th I found out that the treatment I need has to happen soon–right during StokerCon (or the week before)–and it will leave me unable to travel for some time after.

As disappointed as I am in having to cancel my entire StokerCon trip and my participation in the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference, I am already planning my next opportunity. ReaderCon is in July. I suspect I will be feeling much better by then, and I hope to be back to my sunshiny-self. When one opportunity is lost, find the next one and make it BIG.

I’ve got plans. I’ve got BIG plans. Nothing can keep me down. And with the publication of my first book in September (The Bone Cutters), my plans don’t end with ReaderCon. That’s only the beginning. I’ve got a whole book launch event planned and booked–(More news on that is soon to come.), and I’m in the planning stages of a fall/winter book tour. I never quit. When I fall, I jump back up and go at it even harder. I’m a determined mountain goat Capricorn. I will make it to the top of ANY mountain that’s in my way. Nothing can stop me–I keep on keepin’ on, No Matter What.

Peace~To all you crazy fuckers out there.


April 1, 2019: My first book review is out!

bonecutters front cover

My debut book The Bone Cutters, set for release on September 1, 2019 through Eraserhead Press, has its first book review. Thanks to Miranda Crites ( ) at Kendall Reviews ( for a great write-up about my book. I am pumped that people are digging my work! 

Here are a few quotes from that review:

“I immediately fell in love with Dory, the writing style, the story . . . This is a terribly heart-wrenching story with a bit of a haunted house/ghost vibe . . . I didn’t want to put this book down. It was one of those stories you constantly think about.”

Here’s the link:


For all who are interested, The Bone Cutters is available for pre-order through Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, Amazon, and eBay. Order your copy today.


February 5, 2019

The Bone Cutters is now available for preorder at Barnes & Noble and on eBay.

bonecutters front cover

Here are the links:

Barnes & Noble:;jsessionid=A9AEBD0E1C26E1D186B3DCE49608C24D.prodny_store01-atgap10?ean=9781621052937&st=PLA&sid=BNB_New%20Core%20Shopping%20Books&2sid=Google_c&sourceId=PLAGoNA



Jan. 11, 2019

bonecutters front cover

“Like Girl, Interrupted and ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, The Bone Cutters is one woman’s dark and surreal experience with a madness that is not necessarily her own.”

My debut book, The Bone Cutters, is set for release on Sept. 1, 2019 through Eraserhead Press. It’s a bizarro horror novella about the hell of mental illness, the evil hands of drug addiction, and the horror of psych. hospitals.

Are you anxious, suicidal, have some anger issues you need to work on, or maybe you have a drug addiction you need to kick? No worries. Once you’ve been checked into this psychiatric hospital, you’ll never be the same. Come, have a visit; stay as long as we need you. If you’re fresh, you’re in for one Hell of a ride once you meet The Bone Cutters.

Dory wakes up in the padded room of a psychiatric hospital with no recollection of how she wound up there. She soon finds out she’s been Blue-Papered–involuntarily committed. When she is sent to the wrong counseling group, she finds a whole new group of drug addicts that make her skin crawl. By the end of that first meeting, she is running scared, afraid of being “dusted”, though the psych. hospital staff doesn’t believe a word she says; after all, she’s delusional–at least that’s what “they” tell her. They end up sending her to that same counseling group every day, though Dory knows that all those junkies want is what’s inside of her–she’s fresh, and she holds the ultimate high.


Oct. 26, 2018

Nay breathing out the sun--Boston--3-2014

Hello and good morning to my few followers, return visitors, and any & all new comers. I hope today finds you all happy and doing well.

I’ve started this page due to some exciting news. Back on August 10th, my novella The Bone Cutters (formerly titled Chiseled High) was accepted for publication by  Eraserhead Press “publisher of bizarro fiction since 1999”, out of Portland Oregon. Due to working on a title change for the book, I’d held off on announcing this news, but now that the title has been decided on, I’m ready to shout out from the tallest mountain:

I’ve got a fucking book coming out!!!

This is my first book publication, which makes it all that much more exciting for me. After talking to Rose O’Keefe, Eraserhead Press owner and head editor, two days ago I’ve been so pumped that I feel like a coke-head on the ultimate high. But with that feeling comes an overwhelming sense of–now the real work begins.

Promoting a book is tricky and time consuming. With my two other novels half written and new ideas screaming in my head to get out and onto the page, I know I will struggle to balance book-promotion-time with writing-time, but that’s the nature of the beast for an author. And as a stay-at-home-mom of a young son, and having no childcare, that will be another mountain to climb. But I’m a fucking mountain-goat-Capricorn and climbing to the highest heights is one of my strongest qualities. (Rising at 4 AM before the sun sure does help my cause.)

What is also rewarding for me is that back in 2014 I had attended my first ever World Horror Convention (Now Stokercon) in Portland, Oregon, and it was Eraserhead Press that really intrigued me. After all, their company motto is: “Take what you do seriously, but never take yourself too seriously”, and this is something I try very hard to live by.  I came away from that convention picturing myself as an Eraserhead press author. And here I am . . .

I am one of six of Eraserhead Press’s New Bizarro Authors for 2019, and I couldn’t be any happier.

What you imagine and visualize can and does become reality.

I end this post with a little teaser for my upcoming novella The Bone Cutters.

Are you anxious, suicidal, have some anger issues you need to work on, or maybe you have a drug addiction you need to kick? No worries. Once you’ve checked into this psychiatric hospital, you’ll never be the same. Come, have a visit; stay as long as we need you. If you’re fresh, you’re in for one Hell of a ride once you meet The Bone Cutters.

Cover art is soon to come.

To all you crazy fuckers out there: