The Mobius Door by Andrew Najburg 2023

The Mobius Door by Andrew Najberg

Wicked Houe Publishing (2023)

The Broken Places by Blaine Daigle 2023

  • The Broken Places, by Blaine Daigle, a horror novel

Wicked House Publishing (March 24, 2023)

Salt and Bone by Alyssa Grimley 2023

  •   Salt & Bone, by Alyssa Grimley, a MG ghost story novel

Wicked House Publishing (January 6, 2023)


The Exorcists House by Nick Roberts 2022--Crystal Lake Publishing

  • The Exorcist’s House, by Nick Roberts, a horror novel

Crystal lake Publishing (May 2022)


The Boy With the Spider Face by AJ Franks-Crystal Lake Publishing 2021

  • The Boy with the Spider Face, by AJ Franks, a horror novella

Crystal Lake Publishing (November 2021)


(Book Cover Photo Missing)

  •   Blackacre Rising, by John C. Adams, a horror novel

Independently Published by Author (September 2020)

The Wind In My Heart by Douglas Wynne--2021 Crystal Lake Publishing

  • The Wind In My Heart, by Douglas Wynne, a horror novella

Crystal Lake Publishing (January 2021)


Every-Foul-Spirit by William Gormman--2019 Crystal Lake Publishing

  • Every Foul Spirit, by William Gorman, a horror novel

Crystal Lake Publishing (Oct. 2019)




Belle Vue by CS Alleyne--2020 Crystal Lake Publishing

  • Belle Vue, by CS Alleyne, a horror novel
  • Crystal Lake Publishing (Aug. 2020)


The Place of Broken Things by Linda D Addison and Alessandro Manzetti--Crystal Lake Publishing 2019

  •  The Place of Broken Things, by Linda D. Addison & Alessandro Manzetti, a dark poetry collection

Crystal lake Publishing (July 2019)