Interview Blues, I mean News

The other day I had another author interview, but this one was different. It was actually live, where all the others lately have been written and editable. What this live interview taught me: This pandemic has made my conversational listening skills extremely inept. I’ve been replaying our conversation over and over in my head, and I realize that many of my answers didn’t fit the questions asked. It probably sounds like I was answering questions asked by a voice inside my head that no one else could hear. (No, this interviewer did not send me the questions in advance, nor did she mention the 10-question lightning round completely unrelated to writing.) And I can’t even count the number of times I said, “Um” and “I don’t know.” It’s both comical and pathetic. To top it all off, I’m supposed to promote this interview when it’s published. It is supposed to help promote my book, The Bone Cutters, and its sequel, Chisel the Bone, that I’m currently editing. All I can hope is that listeners won’t judge my written work by my spoken words. Yeah, get ready to laugh at inept me and my lack conversational skills. (I keep telling myself, “This was only practice.” Yeah…)

Yes, I’ll share the interview video link on my website once it’s published, so you all can have a good laugh.–

EDIT/UPDATE: Here’s the link: (1) Renee S. DeCamillis – Author Interview – YouTube

Okay, now I’m going to retreat back into my woodland hideaway and practice my conversational skills with the trees. Yeah, that will help.