As Sensitive as a BallSac

Since when did people get so sensitive, so easily hurt and offended? Don’t get me wrong; I’m an empath, and I care to a fault. But I also practice blunt honesty, and I call bullshitters out on the crap that they throw around. Sarcasm flies freely from my mouth (and my hands, as I write), and my humor is so dark it often shocks people into silence. That doesn’t mean I don’t care; it’s all just part of who I am.

And labels: Everyone is too concerned with being politically correct. If someone says, “gays,” or “he’s gay, ” or “blacks,” or “she’s black,” or “tree-humpers,” or “she’s a tree-humper,”or “musicians,” or “he’s a musician,” or “sociopaths,” or “she’s a sociopath,” or “junkies,” or “he’s a junkie,” or or “vegans,” or “she’s a vegan,” or “republicans,” or “he’s a republican,” or “liberals,” or “she’s a liberal,” etc., people start complaining about labels. Well, that is how the human brain works; the brain naturally labels and categorizes everything it encounters. Is is right? Is it wrong? That is not for me to say. Everyone has a different idea of what is right and what is wrong . . .

unless you’re insane. But that’s a topic for another blog.

But “You are what you do everyday,” and you are the race you were born into, and you are your sexual orientation, etc. So, let’s start owning our labels. Fuck what everyone else thinks about what connotations come along with that label. If other people have false beliefs about you because of your label, that’s their own ignorance. So be it. Are you a tree-humper? Yes? Then fucking own it. It’s not your fault some people think you shit granola. It’s their choice to live in their ignorant Fantasyland. So be it.

And, yes, each and every one of us is more than our label(s), so much more.

Maybe you’re a gun-toting vegan who drives a hummer, or a republican who moonlights as a Chippendale to pay for your medical marijuana, or a lawyer who owns a tattoo shop and rides with a biker gang on the weekends.

So be it.

Like I said, what ever it is you do, whatever it is you are, whatever label(s) you fall under–own it. Are all people who fall under a certain label the same? No. We all know this, or we should know this. Not all Muslims are radicals out to terrorize others who don’t share their beliefs, but they are still Muslims; they fall under that umbrella label, right along with those radical terrorists. That’s just how it is. Own it. Not all junkies are losers who will never get clean, never make something of their lives, never learn how to cope with life and never learn to love themselves, but they are still junkies. That’s just how it is. Own it. Do our labels define us? No. But our labels are part of who we are. Fucking own it. There are asshats under every label out there and they give the non-asshats under that same label a bad rep., but that’s life. Suck it up and stop being so sensitive. Just show your individuality so that your actions will let others know you are not one of the asshats. Or maybe you are one of the asshats. In that case, own it; don’t pretend you’re something you’re not.

Unfortunately, the abundance of super-sensitive people and easily offended people out there have caused me to censor what I share on social media, what I sometimes say when around others, and even sometimes what I write in my creative projects. I’ll find myself qualifying what I say by adding statements like, “I don’t mean to offend anyone,” or “I don’t mean that literally.”

Not cool.

Often, an off-the-cuff comment will fly out of my mouth at home, and my husband will laugh hysterically and write it down in the “Nay’s Quotes Notebook.” I’d like to share some of these things with others, wanting to share the laughs and absurdities, but then I stop and think–No, someone will get pissed off, or offended, or think I’m hateful, or negative, or rude, or whatever. These thoughts cause me to stifle myself. Well, these thoughts are fears, and my goal is to shed my fears.

So, it stops right now!

I will no longer censor what I share–spoken or written or sung words. If you don’t like it, whatever. That’s your right. If you’re so sensitive that you take it personal, well, that’s what is called “narcissistic personality disorder.” (You’re issue, not mine. Seek counseling.) If you feel you need to lash out at me, or try to debate or argue with me, go ahead. I won’t strike back. I will not debate or argue. Freedom of speech and all that jazz. I don’t feel the need to defend myself; after all, I’m the offensive-type, not the defensive-type. Remember?

No matter what flies out of my mouth, or flows from my brain to the end of my fingers, I’m not a hater. I accept everyone, so far as they don’t harm others.

So, if you’re a professional wrestler who builds fairy villages, own it, own all your colors. It’s what makes you you. You help make the world more interesting.

I have what I consider to be a healthy sense of humor. Though often dark and sarcastic, I find humor all around.

Another belief of mine: “The more you laugh the longer you live.”

So let’s all lighten up, stop being as sensitive as a ballsac. Let’s all start accepting others for the colorful people they are, with all their differing ideas and opinions and senses of humor. Let’s all try laughing a whole lot more. I bet once all this happens, people will start feeling a lot less stress and and a lot less anxiety in life.

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