Wicked Women Anthology

I’m a bit late with sharing this on here, but here it is. My story “Bad Trip Highway” appears in the newest anthology from NEHW Press–Wicked Women. This is a collection of women horror authors of New England, and I am very honored to have my work included.

“Bad Trip Highway” has been described as: “a brilliant idea…so much style…a captivating voice… reminiscent of Stephen Graham Jones…[with] Poe’s unity of effect”

Wicked Women was released on Thanksgiving 2020. You can grab your copy on Amazon: Wicked Women: An Anthology of the New England Horror Writers: Wooldridge, Trisha J., Yolen, Jane, Monahan, Hillary, Goudsward, Scott T., Hansen, Lynne: 9780998185446: Amazon.com: Books

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