The Bone Cutters Book Tour 5/11-6/11

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The Bone Cutters Book Tour & Giveaway is  5/11/20 – 6/11/20.

Amazon $.99 Kindle sale starts today until May 25th.

Giveaways include a $15 Amazon gift card, Swag, an eBook: one winner each

For complete schedule and blog locations go to Silver Dagger Book Tours link here:…/the-bone-cutters-book-t… 

Chapter 1 Reading


Review Excerpts

* “…razor sharp…grabs hold from the get go, and drags the reader through a surreal experience that evokes One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, if written by Clive Barker. A recommended novella.”—Monster Librarian

* “It’s actually refreshing to be able to enjoy a book so much that you were miffed when it was over…As the debut novella from Renee S. DeCamillis it’s a fantastic beginning to what could prove to be a career to watch.” –Ginger Nuts of Horror

* “I immediately fell in love with Dory, the writing style, the story…This is a terribly heart-wrenching story with a bit of a haunted house/ghost vibe where you’re also being chased by a bunch of crazy people who want to devour your bones. I didn’t want to put this book down.”—Kendall Reviews

* “Strange and terrifying, Dory has been sent to a mental hospital that harbors horrible things. I think the insight to her horror and treatment in this facility by far makes your insides cry… Excellent, riveting storytelling. Short read and so worth it! More please!” –Kim Napolitano, Goodreads Review

* “Loved it! The Bone Cutters is a powerful story. The premise is sharp as the prose, the isolation of the main character stuck inside a psychiatric facility where help is supposed to be given, but instead, threats are everywhere. The story nails this tone so well as if the reader is having their bones shaved.”–Mark Matthews, Author of Milk-Blood, All Smoke Rises, & Founder & CEO of Wicked Run Press.

* “[The Bone Cutters] has a very cinematic feel to it, the story constructed much like a movie would be, so it was very easy to put yourself into the scenes and the action. Funny…weird and harrowing. This was an “afternoon” kind of read… a perfect antidote to the overly-long and overly-indulgent mass market paperbacks you’d find on a supermarket rack. I liked this.”—Goodreads Review by Danger Slater, author of  the Wonderland award-winning I Will Rot Without You

* “Renee, in her work and in her life, epitomizes one of my favorite lines of literary inspiration from the author Steve Almond; as Steve says and Renee, in this book, shows us how it is done—‘Race toward the darkness and shine.'”—Elizabeth Searle, American novelist, short story author, and playwright

* “Loved it! Gripping!! Has a S. King feel to it, and I loved the twist at the end… Very well written.”–5-Star Amazon Reader-Review

* “Interesting book, blazing with exciting and often experimental prose. The protagonist is unusual, relatable, and well-drawn…DeCamillis takes us on a dreamlike journey, which is thoroughly enjoyable…Definitely one to pick up, especially if you’re looking to break the monotony of safe bet fiction that is flooding the market.”-–Goodreads Reader-Reviewer

* A strange, unsettling novella that flies through a tight story of mystery, horror, and survival. DeCamillis draws you right into the main character’s mind and does a good job of holding you there until the very last page–with all the frantic uncertainty and memorable storytelling that that entails.–Goodreads Review by Josh

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